Blogging is an enjoyable way of working and it allows us to share our learning and ideas with the other Digital Leaders taking part in the Arch Alliance Digital Leaders project, as well as with other people around the world!

It is very important to use the blog in a sensible way so that we can all stay safe at all times. Below is a list of things to remember when you are blogging:

  • Only ever post your first name – you must never post your surname or any other personal information about yourself including your address, school and telephone number.
  • Be respectful of other people!
  • If you are posting any pictures of other people- make sure you ask for permission from the person and your teacher before doing so.
  • Make sure your comments are helpful, interesting and positive. Make sure your comments are appropriate focusing on Digital Leaders, computing and e-safety. (Inappropriate comments will not be published!)
  • All comments will be moderated!
  • Make sure you write in full sentences, remembering to include capital letters and full stops.

I hope that these rules will help everybody to enjoy our blog safely.

For any other further tips on blogging and how to stay safe online click here

Happy blogging! 

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